Sneak peek at World Hockey Manager

Build your own hockey team and compete against friends and others around the world.
World Hockey Manager is expected to be a gaming success.
Have a sneak peek at WHM, including exclusive images.

Though the game has not even hit the market yet, there is already lots of interest in World Hockey Manager. When Gold Town Games, the company behind the game, went public, its shares quickly sold out. Around 20 well-known hockey pros in the NHL and Europe have invested in WHM, including Jonathan Ericsson, from the Detroit Red Wings, and Tony Mårtensson, from Lugano.

WHM offers a completely new twist for players. This is the first time an ice hockey manager game has been adapted for mobile platforms.
– Going mobile opens up so many possibilities. People often associate manager games as time-consuming and being played in front of and against a computer.
– But WHM is something completely different. Here you compete where you want, when you want and against friends and real coaches around the world. The game also doesn’t take much time, says Tomas Nordström, the game’s developer.

WHM lets you build your own hockey team from scratch. Then you play matches against others and receive a world ranking that rises and falls depending on your performance. You can also build your own leagues, compete against your friends and interact with others. Purchasing or developing players helps you advance in the game.

Developing your facilities also improves your results. For example, you can build your own arena, create a youth program and expand a devoted fan base.
– WHM has something for everyone. The game is easy to get started with and you are assigned your own coach to help you from the very start.

– The high skill cap allows you to test your expertise and to immerse yourself in the game as much as you want.

Lots of hockey fans are eagerly awaiting the game’s release, which is expected in spring 2017. But you can already get a glimpse of what WHM will look like.

Here are the latest photos from the game:

1. Line up

World Hockey Manager offers a lot of exciting choices which will affect your results. An important part is your line ups, and what they will look like for each match. For example, here you can replace players who are injured and boost your team with energy and morale. You will also decide how your power play and box play formations will look like.

2. Tactics

It is important to adjust your tactics depending on your opponent’s team. Choose between playing offensively or defensively, between aggressive or passive forechecking and pick the right captain to lead your team.


3. The arena

When you start playing, you get an outdoor rink with primitive conditions. As you become more skilled, you can upgrade the rink to finally have your own super stadium, with many thousands of spectators and bars, lodges and everything that a modern stadium might contain. In this part of the game you can also choose to boost your fans, which will generate capital and power to your team. In the game there are also opportunities to upgrade other facilities, such as your own youth academy and a strong leadership team.

4. Skills

Here you can follow your player’s development, for example in terms of shots, passing skills and mental ability. Here you can also see a player’s statistics for all seasons, sign contracts with new players and sell existing ones.

5. Social leagues

One of the game’s many highlights. Here you can create leagues with friends and colleagues and also compete for internal prices. In this segment, you can follow your friends’ results and chat within the league about anything.